Meal Movin' Machine
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Meal Movin' Machine

The Meal Movin' Machine is the perfect employee for any diner worth their salt! With built-in heating and cooling systems, and an automated serving arm, the MMM will guarantee your chef's finely prepped food arrives to the customer in its intended and perfected condition.

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Update - 16 Nov 2022

Here are some initial concepts as I sorted out the direction I wanted to go with my robot. I was interested in exploring robots who do everyday human jobs and tasks (like delivering a meal, directing traffic, or giving a pal a hug!)

I settled on the Meal Movin' Machine for the design I wanted to move forward with. I work as a Busser at a cafe and I thought it would be fun to create a robot that I could send in to work for me on rainy days when I'd rather stay-in watching video essays, playing games, and sippin' tea!

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