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This is a 3D model of a robotic bee character submitted to the cute robot challenge. It has different functions and expressions depending on the modality that is selected in its user interface. I hope you like it!

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Update - 7 Nov 2022

So I decided to give it a holographic texture, as well as add different faces, here I show you the results. I will continue to update the project, so stay tuned!

Although it was a cute robot, I decided to add some rust spots, as well as dirt and some scratches to give it a more realistic touch.

 However, the textures of the wings did not convince me...

Once this step was finished, the 3D model of the robot was ready!

After this, I modeled the arms and legs, attached to the body by spheres that would allow the robot's limbs to rotate.

The next step was to create two pairs of wings.

Followed by a smooth body

First of all, I started to create the head

Hello everyone! This is the cute robot I have been working on these days!

it is inspired by the reference image that I will show below. I wanted to make a robot similar to a bee but giving it that cute touch, so searching in different websites I found it. I hope you like it!

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