CRISPY - Student Animated Short film - Mopa

CRISPY - Student Animated Short film - Mopa

Cramped in its original shell, a hermit crab chooses a conical chip for new habitat.

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Hello guys

For The Rookie 2022 I'm happy to present you a short film I Co-Directed with Olivia Hayward, Pierre Tiraboschi, Quentin Devred and Celia Delsaut

We had so much fun with this baby ! The theme was : Shape and Space

With Olivia Hayward and Pierre Tiraboschi we worked on the "Pictures", Celia and Quentin on the Animation

An amazing work on the Sand and it's simulation for Pierre

Lighting, environment and also Modeling For Olivia

Quentin did an amazing job in creating the rig and in animating both characters

Celia made a perfect animation for our characters and we can thank her for the whole organization

And for myself Modeling, Surfacing and environment

We used Maya and Z brush for the modeling, Substance painter for the surfacing, The sand and its simulation were made on Houdini.

Simulating the sand was quite a challenge to overcome, we had to optimize everything so that Maya could run smoothly

Render with Arnold

Another Challenge was to make two Hermit crab of the same species but at the same time different enough to understand who they are 

I hope you like it 

The Character I modeled and surfaced

This Character was Modeled and surfaced by Olivia 

The Shell made by Pierre and Surface by me

The Beak was made by Pierre and Surfaced by me

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