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Cat Project

Cat Project

Felix Swahn
by MandarinMan1993 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Development of cat characters.

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I wanted to make a short movie about something that was close to my heart so I decided to do a movie about my cats Brucina and Joao. Brucina is a St.petersburg sphynx cat with black fur and Joao is the perser cat with dark brown fur. Brucina is the extrovert one and Joao is the introvert one, together they are helping each other in the best way to handle every situation they are facing in life.

----Distinct Project Goals!----

= To make a high quality dynamic 2D animated short film!

- movement- I wanted to develop the characters of every cat in a short sequence. The movement became the key. Brucina – the smart and wise one got to walk like a human being. Joao the street-smart stout cat moves like an animal on four legs yet a bit clumsily.

= character

- obstacles- The cats are very different. It was rather challenging to develop them into true characters, especially the thin one.

How I developed my characters, from character sheets to final artwork!




I wanted the background to enhance the “catness” of my characters. In the first scene they ended up on a roof. I wanted to have a Swedish light in the film. I spend quite some time looking for a right luminance and color strength.

In the other scene I wanted the cats to still say something about a Swedish nature and light and enhance the intimate friendship between the cats, so they ended up in a room with an ancient cosy atmosphere.

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