Oliver Kay - Assassin's Arsenal 2022

Oliver Kay - Assassin's Arsenal 2022

Oliver Kay
by okcodename on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This entry showcases the weapons and various props I have made since January of 2022. I love using objects to tell a story and create a mood.

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Assassin's Arsenal

Hello and welcome to my submission for the 2022 Rookie Awards. This is a project I have been working on for the last six months in my spare time. I love creating hard surface models, from vehicles to weapons and armour. For this project, I focused primarily on creating high-quality, optimised, game-ready weapons. I wanted to create an arsenal for an elite underground assassin. In my head, this arsenal belongs to a character who is a blend of John Wick and Frank Castle. Someone off the grid, self-reliant, and highly deadly. 

I created the weapons to be modular so that attachments can be swapped and reused. The aim, aside from selling a story, was also to strive for visual realism and believability. These weapons are designed to look good up close.

The scene below was made using props and textures from Megascans for the background and floor. All foreground props were modeled, unwrapped, baked, and textured by me. The image below was rendered in Blender Cycles. All other following images and videos were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4.

 Anyway, I hope you enjoy this walk-through of my project.


The big rifle is a model of Desert Tech's SRS A2 sniper rifle. It is a bullpup design which I thought fit well with the compact and stealthy nature of my imagined assassin.

The rifle and ammo on its own is 29,017 tris and is textured with two 4K maps. The scope (modeled after a Schmidt and Bender 5-45x56 PM II High Power) and bracket (Desert Tech) is 17,168 tris and textured with 4K and 2K maps respectively. The Atlas Bipod at the front is 16,568 tris and textured with 2K maps.

Here are some of the texture maps of this weapon. For the sake of brevity, I won't show all of them, just the rifle and scope sets (in that order).

H&K MP7 A2

Another compact weapon. MP7A2 (including mag and bullet): 26984 tris on 4K texture. B&T Rotex II Suppressor: 3502 tris on 2K texture. Eotech EXPS3 Holo Sight: 14226 tris on 2K texture. Foregrip: 4850 tris on 1K texture. Flip Sights: 4428 tris on 1K texture.

A few examples of the textures maps for this weapon. The gun and holo sight.

Walther P99 AS

James Bonds pistol of choice, need I say more. Walther P99 with magazine and Bullet: 17508 tris and 4K texture. Obsidian 9 Suppressor: 6630 tris and 2K texture. OLIGHT Baldr Pro R Flash and Laser: 5292 tris and 2K texture Vortex Viper Sight: 3850 tris and 2K texture. The laser effect in these images was added in Photoshop.

As an example of the texture maps here is the pistol set.

Additional Props

Here is a shorter walkthrough of the secondary props I created for the project. There were made to flesh out the arsenal and give my imagined character more personality.

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