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Giorgos Konstantinou - 3D Animation Showreel

Giorgos Konstantinou - 3D Animation Showreel

My 3D Animation Showreel that I have been building the past few months. It includes group projects as well as personal animated shots of dialogue, creature and body mechanics animation.

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My 3D Animation Showreel updated for the Rookies

At the beginning of the showreel, I included my work from 3 different group projects that took place during the past 2 months.

The first one is called ‘Freefall’ and I was responsible for animating 2 full-body characters as well as interactions with the environment. I used a non-rendered version of my shot for the showreel in order to showcase the animation clearly.

The next short-film I included is called ‘Our Ocean’. I was responsible for the turtle and the fish animation.

The one called ‘Stuck in T-Pose’ is a personal short-film that I’m currently working on which follows the story of a Rig in a T-Pose which is trying to get out of Maya! The short-film is still a working progress.

The last group project is the short-film called ‘Explosive Love’. I was responsible for the animation of some early versions of the film, as shown in the showreel.

The rest of my showreel includes shots of dialogue, slapstick, creature and human body animation. I wanted to include a variety of shots that include different animation techniques.

I filmed reference of myself for the dialogue in the drive-thru shot and the “lava” shot.

I blocked the key poses for all the animation scenes in order to focus on the important parts and get better feedback from tutors and friends.

Additional animated shots that I worked on during the past few months from my Youtube Channel (ByConart):

The Wall-E animated shot with a plain background:

Thank you for your time!

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