One year of my student journey!

One year of my student journey!

by hannamilesi on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here are three various works of the year I spent as a 3D student at Game Academy. I'm happy to share as I loved doing them !

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At the time I made this work, the video game Halo Infinite was released and we were asked to rework the famous Halo gun by giving it the Arcane look. The Netflix series 'Arcane' flooded our graphic influences, so it was really thrilling to appropriate this wonderful universe while discovering it.

I loved the Chemtech aesthetic and decided to adapt the well known Jinx's canon 'Fishbones' into a gun. I knew this weapon had been redesigned but I had a very little amount of references so it was very challenging.  

I modelized the Arcane elements on Zbrush, made the retopology on Maya, baked and textured on Substance Painter. The gun basemesh was modelized by my instructors Teddy Naudin and Mariane Khaznadar.

Finally, I really loved the handpaint and to study this special and unique 2d Arcane style. 

This exercise allowed me to learn hard surface on ZBrush and how to work with ZModeler. The gundam universe was the first inspiration. I wanted to design a feminine shape to make a stealthy mech.

I added thrusters to inspire a feeling of agility and speed. 

I really loved to make a diorama to highlight the mesh and create a mini scene about it.

The mesh was sculpted on ZBrush, the retopology on Maya, and the bake and textures on Substance Painter. 

Here is a Monster Hunter environment I made on Uneral Engine 5 in 4 weeks.

I created a territory composed of different areas and invaded by a parasitic fungus. The references were the video game Crucible and the movie Annihilation.

I wanted to create a gradation of the fungus presence as we go through the different biomes, until you reach the cave, which is the epicenter of this parasite.

Here is the kit I made to build this world. Sculpted on Zbrush, retopology on Maya and textures on Substance Painter. Each mesh has two textures sets, one neutral and one overgrown with fungus. It allowed me to add more diversity with no more meshes and lean on the gradation of the fungus presence. 

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