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A collection of character art and other fun stuff

A collection of character art and other fun stuff

Nioma van der Steen
by fromthestone on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Nioma, I'm a second year Game Graphics production student at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment who mainly focuses on 2D/3D character art and props. I've had the opportunity to work on many fun projects this past year, and chose to showcase my favourites, hope ya like it!

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Ox Muscle Mama - Game-Ready Stylized 3D character

For my final assignment for the course Stylized Creation, we got to choose a fun design to work out in 3D. This amazing concept was made by Sean Budanio ( and had been chilling in my inspiration folder for over a year now, what better opportunity to put it to good use! I learned a lot during this process and refine my workflow. 

It was also interesting to figure out how to turn sculpted (stylized) hair into a game-ready version, and would like to focus on that more in the future.

Mesopotamian Scribe - Game-ready 3D Character

Another character, this time for last year's Character Creation classes; my first real attempt at making a more realistic game-ready character! Concept by Beth Hobbs (

Derby Skater - Cyberpunk Inspired Bust

To learn the ins and outs of creating characters in Zbrush, we were tasked to design and sculpt a character in a cyberpunk theme. This was where I started to get into creating hair; particularly Afro-inspired hairstyles, and made my own IMM brush to create the individual braids. The rollerskates on the back were a part of a different assignment I had done a bit earlier, and fit perfectly with the character. 

Erumpent - Stylized Creature

This big spicy boy is also game ready and coming in hot! Concept is by Cole Marchetti ( 

Ruins - UE5 Environment

Even though this is quite a bit different than characters, I wanted to include this one because it was an excellent way for me to learn how to work in Unreal Engine 5, to dip my feet into environment art, and see how far I can push a project with realtime lighting and rendering! I definitely see myself applying some of this into my future projects.

Sculpting in zBrush

A small collection of sculpts and the like!

2D Works

Ranging from character designs to props to small illustrations!

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