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The Hunt

The Hunt

by Amarest, Henri, and iskillia on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Graduation Video Game Prototype - April 2022 - ARTFX Team: Hyena Dynamite

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The Hunt


The Hunt is a third-person action platformer where the player embodies a thief named Rhys who lands on the planet K-52.9 to steal an artifact in the ruins of an ancient alien building. Once out of the ruins, he sees in the distance mercenaries landing on the planet, they covet the artifact stolen by the Thief. Armed with his two grappling hooks, the Thief will have to move in the canyon, to face his adversaries and find a way to escape the planet.

Project done in UE4

The Goal

When player starts the game, player sees the objective he has to reach, here the spaceship, to escape from this planet with the Artifact.

The Map

This is an overview of the level with the different areas.

The System

- In Yellow, Player can use his.her left grappling hook. 

- In Blue, for right grappling hook. 

- In Red, Player cannot use grappling hooks.




Constantin Amouroux - Character Modeling & Concept Artist

Henri Bessou - Level Designer & Game Design & Prototyping & UE4 Blueprint Scripting & Documentation & Project Management & Communication & Teamwork & UX & Narrative Design

Paolo Dupuy - Environment Artist & 3D Modeling & Shaders / Materials & Texturing (Baking / Trims and Tileables) & Level Art & Lighting & Project Management & Technical Art

Mathilde Durand - 3D Modeling & Concept Art & 2D Artist & UI Artist & Artistic Direction

Paola Gibernau - 3D Animation & Rigging & Integration in UE4 & Teamwork & Communication

Joris Sanchez - Programming C++ / C# & Game Programming C++ / C# & UE4/UE5 Blueprints Scripting

Thomas Bruyneel - 3D Modeling & Hard Surface & Texturing & Teamwork

Samuel Hoareau - VFX & Particles & Shaders & Blueprints & Simulation & Modeling & Texturing

Amandine Marest - Realtime 3D Modeling & Character Modeling & Game Ready Hair and Fur & Retopology & UVs & Texturing & Ue Shading & Rigging & Agile Workflow

Axel Somsy - Game Design & Prototyping & Level Design & Documentation & System Design & Gameplay Balancing & UE4 Blueprint Scripting

Corentin Zimmermann - 3D Modeling & UE4 & Teamwork & Communication


Clothilde Schulz, Rémi Vu Dinh Ba, Lucas Moulin, Alexis Schutz


Hugo Scott, Mark Kaczmarek


Mathis Marchal, Theron Fuhrmann

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