Ancient Sumerian Temple - 3D Environment

Ancient Sumerian Temple - 3D Environment

Adrià López Perrin
by adrloper on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

One of my most recent work, a Sumerian Temple. This is my part on the latest project on my Master's degree that I've worked with my hole class.

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This is a modular Sumerian Temple designed and created over 6-7 weeks. Kitbash modeled on 3ds Max and ZBrush and textures on Substance Designer, Photoshop and QuixelMixer. Also using Unreal Engine 5. All the props on the scene were created by my classmates Marc Peña, Albert Guijarro and Adrián Bautista.

The setdressing and lighting was created by me. Special mention to Ignacio Naranjo who was the lead artist on this project and he gave us so much support.

This project is still WIP so it may have a few changes.



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