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Post-apocalyptic woman warrior.

Post-apocalyptic woman warrior.

Daniel Sanz Morilla
by danielsart on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a character i designed for a personal project.

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Hi and welcome! I bring to you some of the work i´m still working on. I hope you like it, and i really appreciate your feedback!

Context: This is a character i designed for a personal project. In a post-apocaliptic world, the civilization that we know dissapeared few centuries ago. The humanity lives in smalls poblation groups along the planet. The technology that this poblation use and recycle come from the rest of old thecnology remained by the old civilization.

The character (no name): she belongs to one of many tribes, she is a type of hunter and explorer in her tribe. She helps to find food, specially materials and resources for them, and she always carries two magnum and a multifunctional spear.

Thumbnails exploration and turn around.

For this project I wanted to explore two different illustration styles, (i really like practice differents styles and techniques, and get out the comfort zone) and i tried with a ilustration semi-realistic, and other with photobashing and overpainting, to give a realistic style.

Her weapons are modified by herself, created with tools and materials that she has found.

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