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Ruins and Kitchens

Ruins and Kitchens

Catharina Broes
by catharinabroes on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A duo post of my first Unreal Engine 5 projects that I made for my Environments class at Digital Arts and Entertainment.

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The Forgotten Ruins

The Ruins assignment was my first attempt at making a realistic scene in Unreal Engine 5 using Megascans and Lumen, based on an old Tomb Raider photobashed concept. This was more experimental then most of my projects, seeign as it was a first for many techniques, such as using the foliage brush and using a multitude of spotlights in a scene to create some form of believable bounce light. 

Full progression showcase on my artstation:

Archviz: Cozy Kitchen

My second Unreal Engine 5 assignment was an Archviz project. This time a smaller scale, but also a different approach. There's only 1 light source in this scene: the directional light. This was a matter of nailing the single light source and selecting the right meshes to create a believable home scene. The entire project took me around 2-3 days.

All credits to borrowed meshes are on my artstation:

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