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Aden Manning - 3D Environment Art Collection

Aden Manning - 3D Environment Art Collection

Aden Manning
by mannia0294 on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Currently in Honours at CDW Studios / Flinders University. Focusing on 3D environment within Unreal Engine. I specialize in texture creation, 3d production modelling and lighting. I would like to work within the game industry and or the virtual production industry.

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Horror Game Hallway

This project is entitled "Horror Hallway." Its one of my latest projects that i have created within Unreal Engine. The models where created within Maya and blender, lighting done within Unreal Engine 4, texturing done within Substance Painter and the Trimsheets/materials created within Substance Designer. Wanted to challenge myself with this project with creating a dynamic unique level that challenged me as a 3D environment artist.

This is heavily inspired off of old Victorian interior architecture and the game "Resident Evil."

I created two unique lighting graph editor within unreal engine 4 for this level. The candle flicker light and the lantern light. The graph is heavily spiked for the lantern to portray the story of "scary" and "spooky." Was a create excercise as ive never undertaken light creation to this level within unreal engine before.


Asset layout of all the 3d models used to create the level.

Materials and trim sheet that was created within substance designer. The trimsheet can be seen on the pillars and the wall trim. The unique rip victorian pattern can be seen on the wall throughout the level as well.

Upclose look at some of the 3D models that were used throughout this scene.

3D Models that were created within Blender and their wireframes.

Sci Fi Corridor

Project modeled within Blender. Texturing done within substance painter and designer. Lighting done within Unreal Engine 4. All models were constructing as procedural based models designed to be repeated and to be utilized as well within a virtual production pipeline. Textures where created with a trim sheet. Project was constructed with a game pipeline in mind.

The lighting  rectangle lights and point lights since they give me more control. I felt using these different kind of lights allowed me to portray a unique narrative for this piece.

Colour variant for the level design.

Asset layout for the level.

Wild Frontier Project

Wild Frontier. A environment scene created within unreal engine 4. Models created in blender and maya. Textures created within Substance Designer. Renders done within substance painter. Lighting done in unreal engine 4.


Asset layout of all the models that came together to create the scene. There were other models such as the grass and a few other small elements which were megascans.

Work progress shot

Closer look of some of the models and their wireframes.

Substance designer materials that were made for this level.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at my work.
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