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Personal Projects Reel

Personal Projects Reel

Narcis Calin
by NarcisCalin on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! This are some of my projects that I have been doing over the past year. I mainly use 3ds Max, V-Ray, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Forest Pack and Speedtree

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Bell Of The Set Free: I modeled the building, sculpted the stairs, wood log and ground. Then I dressed the whole scene with foliage and made the lighting.

Texturing was made in Substance Painter and scattering was made with Forest Pack

ZBrush was used for sculpting

Dark Souls Fanart; The Undead Asylum CGI Cinematic: This is a project I made with a good friend of mine called Emil Rasmussen. I was generally in charge of texturing, lighting and dressing, but I also did modeling, sculpting and some little FX.

Emil has been scupting and modeling with me pretty much half of the assets of the scene, did some texturing, some dressing, most of the FX, all the cameras, all the post work and all audio.

Substance painter was used for texturing and Forest Pack helped a lot to make the dressing

Zbrush was heavily used

Nature River Scene: This scene was made to practice dense foliage creation. I got some assets online from sources like megascans and started scattering them following multiple references. I made all the materials from scratch because the base ones from the assets were not good enough

Forest Pack was used for scattering

The Workshop: This is one of my biggest scenes. I have modeled absolutely everything in the scene except the car. All texturing is made inside 3ds Max with nodes and optimized to run on V-Ray GPU. 

Cliff Cemetery: One of my latest projects. This one is inspired by the souls games, specially Bloodborne and recent Elden Ring. Concept is mine. In this project I heavily relied on Speedtree, since the trees and all the thorned vines and roots are all made in that software. 

Substance was used for texturing and Forest Pack for scattering

ZBrush was used for the cliffs, tombstones, bell, ruins and tiles

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