Samuel Lauro - Concept art collection 2022

Samuel Lauro - Concept art collection 2022

Samuel Lauro
by samuellauro on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello ! I'm Sam and this is my entry for the Rookies concept art contest 2022.

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Hello there ! You'll find here some of the artworks i created either as personnal projects, or during courses at New3dge concept art. I had a lot of fun this year and i hope you'll enjoy my work !

Some personnal character design projects !

Some other character designs i made during my courses at New3dge.

Keyframes i made during my courses at New3dge. I start by creating a 3D scene in blender and then i paint over the render in photoshop.

Those keyframes were made for a movie project during Jason Horley's course. The movie was based on my pitch, a story about italian mobsters in the cyberpunk city of New York.

And these were made during Jama Jurabaev's course. They were part of a group project where we followed the journey of prehistoric men.

This is a house design i made during Paul Riebe's course, it was a really fun world building exercise !

This was a tremendous year for me and i'd like to thank Aurélien Fournier for creating this course at New3dge and organising this year ! I'd like to also give a huge thank you to all the amazing teachers i had this year, i've learnt so much from them all and it was an amazing experience. And finally i'd like to give a big thank you to all the amazing friends i made this year, who also pushed me to become a better artist. Can't wait to start the next year !

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