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Environment, Diorama and Props Showcase (2022)

Environment, Diorama and Props Showcase (2022)

Ignacio Quirós Sordo
by IgnacioQs on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This compilation of game-ready assets are the result of a whole year of cursing the Voxel School 3D Environment Master's Degree. In addition, there are also some personal projects from this last month, I hope that some of them catches your attention!

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Portrait of the Unknown

This is the environment I made during my master's degree in Voxel School, I tried to make a semi realistic environment with a fantasy approach, so I ended up with a victorian studio of a mysterious artist in middle of nowhere, with a scary or tense ambient.

Borderlands' Style Monolith

This prop was also made by me during my Master’s Degree at Voxel School, This time I followed Ann Kondrat’s concept art, merging with the unique style of Borderlands’ saga.

The Sands of Time Diorama

For this diorama, the main purpose was to represent how fast time passes by, especially when you are starting in the 3D Modeling world, which has a huge learning volume. You always have different techniques to learn and things to improve your work.

Sculpted Wardrobe Furniture

In this case, I recreated a very special piece of furniture. It is a unique piece, made in 1900 which is constantly being auctioned by collectors. For the moment, it is in its high poly phase and it is still in progress.


Path of Exile Sentinel - Prop Fan Art

This is my only fan art entry for the contest. It is inspired by one of the videogames I most love, “Path of Exile”, which has a realistic style, with changing themes and styles in different seasons. This object is part of the new season, so I tried to recreate it in the most precise way.

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