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David Alves - Dernier Fado Pour Hubert & Portfolio

David Alves - Dernier Fado Pour Hubert & Portfolio

David Venancio Alves
by DavidAlves on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

"Dernier Fado pour Hubert" is my graduation project for New3DGE. The goal was to develop the characters of a fictional game based on Jean Bruce's OSS117. All portfolio works were made during past 2 years.

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Graduation Project : 

" OSS117: Premier Fado Pour Hubert"

- Main Characters -

- Hotel Staff -

The story takes places in the joyful city of Estoril, in the suburbs of Lisbon. The beach, the palms and the sun make a perfect place for a spy nest, in the form of a Palace, the Camaleão Palácio. These are the Staff Manager, Governess and Porter of this hotel.

- Research and additional sketches -

Here is an exemple of the research process for the characters. Showing on these, Karl Hohenmann, the antagonist. 


- Hannah won't leave -

"Hannah won't leave" is a game art project made in New3DGE for which I was asked to design interiors.

- Passage -

"Passage" is a VFX project also made in New3DGE. These are paintovers made on top of raw 3D the VFX team gave me.


I'd like to specially thank all the New3DGE team, without which none of these images would exist. It's been five exquisite years. 

Personal thanks to Aurélien Fournier who brought the concept art class to life and made it already legendary. Thanks to him, I've been able to meet some of the most talentuous people in this industry and I learned more than I could expect. 

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