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From the Butic School to the world

From the Butic School to the world

by Vann on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is an exhibition in development for the final master project at Butic The New School. The design of the projects is my own, taking several references.

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The Butic Coffee

The Butic cafĂ©, a block suspended over a mirror of water, uses materials such as concrete, terrazzo, wood and black stucco. I implemented neon elements in it, alluding to the 80s.

Process . 

Modeling done in 3ds max, rendered with Vray using Vray Fog, Decals, Dirt and others. 

Green is the chromatic element that combines the natural elements of the vegetation, the interior of the cafeteria and the car.

Software used | 3ds Max + Vray + Lightroom | Media Chaos Vantage

Glass House

The glass house is a project immersed in an arid context, it consists of a set of cabins with a mirrored glass cladding whose function is to adapt to the environment during the day and at night to provoke a set of lamps.

The references

The environment made with megascan elements, modeled in 3ds max, the dust made with Aerial perspective 

                           A little wink alluding to UFO sightings in the deserts 

Software used | 3ds Max + Corona renderer + Photoshop

The Lighthouse

The idea was born mixing the tastes of a beautiful girl and my own, she loves the color yellow and the fields full of flowers, I am fascinated by the tranquility of a lake and the mountains, today there is a distance between the two, so I took the premise of Howl's castle, I designed a house to contemplate the weather, the house moves between the mountains with lakes in Canada to the fields of flowers in spring in Holland by opening and closing the glass dome travels from one location to another.

That's all for now...

Software used | Sketchup + 3ds max + Vray + D5 render + Lihgtroom + Davinci resolve

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