LUU Vincent - The Rookies 2022

LUU Vincent - The Rookies 2022

Vincent Luu
by bruceluu on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, this year is my last year at New3Dge and it is with great joy and pleasure that I share with you the work I was able to do this year! I hope you will like it and I hope to see you next year!

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      League Of Legends Trailer

This year I had the honor and pleasure of organizing many events at my school.

One of the most important and memorable was the League Of Legends tournament.

I wanted something that would have an impact and that would motivate my whole school to participate and above all to keep the next generations having fun in our school.

I made this trailer with the help of Gustave Besnard who helped me a lot with the returns and for providing me with the statues that proudly carry the flag of each team!

This is a project I made on Unreal Engine 5. I had a lot of fun making it! I managed to outdo myself and prove to myself that I could do it.

It is with joy and pleasure that I share this trailer with you!


For this personal project I wanted to train and deepen my knowledge on Blender.

I really liked the design of Ekko in the Arcane series, so I wanted to transcribe it in my own way.

The sculpt was made on Zbrush that I then imported in Blender to try the Rendering System.

The texture of the material was made by Jama Jurabaev thanks to him !

                                                                                                Graduation Project


I have the great pleasure to show you my last project at New3DGE school !

It was an intense year, but I really thank all the administration and my TeamMate LI Yutian, BENYAHIA Alexandre, BERTELO Nathan and GUETTIER Théau on which we worked together this year ! And all my class with whom we were able to motivate, challenge and surpass each other

Thanks to Cyprien Rousson, Leo Bouzehouane and Robin Costet for the concepts of our game !

                                          Budda's Temple

For this level I had the important task of modeling the Buddha statues.

The Buddha statues are essential in the temple because they quickly bring an atmosphere by their rich history and their link with spirituality


In our game the player will have to cross the tomb of a former great Chinese emperor.

The Chinese emperors used to bury themselves with all their belongings, so we wanted to represent the power and glory of the emperor with statues including several concubines.


This portal delimits the entrance to the Emperor's tomb, so on the last level of our game, we want to emphasize the Dragons symbol of power and glory in Chinese culture

                                            Lion Gardian

The Chinese Guardian Lions have a great place in the Chinese culture it is a powerful universal symbol, in China it is mostly recognized as a sign of happiness and fortune.

So we wanted to transcribe them in several forms and with broken variants

                                              SPECIAL THANKS

I would like to thank all the speakers of New3Dge from whom I learned a lot and especially the administration of New3Dge who do a monstrous work every year for the school

I also want to thank my classmates for being by my side during this adventure, I am looking forward to seeying your future works!

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