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Robin Costet - Concept art

Robin Costet - Concept art

by RobinCostet on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm a French concept artist, graduating this year from New3dge. This is some of the work I made during my two years there.

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Graduation Project

My goal was to design the city from the book named Elantris written by Brandon Sanderson.

• The Wall

• Some Explorations

• The Palace

Other Projects

Here is some of the work I made during my two years at New3dge.

Game Art Project

I worked on a small game art project named Mojin. This is an adventure/exploration game that takes place in an ancient chinese temple.

I was task to design the interior of the temple and the army of statue that reside within.

I worked on this project with Cyprien Rousson and Leo Bouzehouane

VFX Project

I also worked on a VFX project named EONIA. A short film about a quest to revive the goddess of death Thanatos.

I made the concept of the planet surface, and the entrance of the temple. I also made some keyframes.

I worked on this project with Clément Legouini, Tanguy Macq, Raphaël Agnus and Cyprien Rousson

Here is a little paintover I did to help the VFX team

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