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Cyprien Rousson - Concept art 2022

Cyprien Rousson - Concept art 2022

Cyprien Rousson
by CyprienRousson on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey there, My name is Cyprien, I am graduating this year at new3dge concept art. I love designing and illustrating and have a special interest in traditional painting, foreign cultures (historical and fantastic), and video games. Here is some of the 2021 and 2022 work done at school, enjoy :)

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I imagined a video game based on the book ''Skullsowrn'' by Brian staveley, and designed characters accordingly, by having in mind both the book's descriptions and how the characters would appear and act in the game.

Pyrre Lakatur

Pyrre is the character you will play throught the game. She will go through her final trial to become a skullsowrn, piertess of the god of death; to prove her devotion, she has ten days to kill the seven people enumerated in an ancient song. She will have to use stealth and ruse to achieve her goals without getting caught.

Annurian patrol

They are the justice of Dōmbang. Pyrre will need to sneak past them on multiple occasions to execute her sinister goals.

General Ruc Lan Lac

A fierce commander at the head of the Annurian forces in the city. You will need to gain his trust, which is no easy feat.

Here are some other projects.

EONIA is a short movie during which Eos, general of his legion, ventures to a foreign planet in order to resurect Thanatos and implore her help for the war. The mix of ancient greek shape language and science fiction was very compeling to work on. 


EONIA - Character design

credits at the end of the entry - look up the VFX student's work to see how the movie turned out !

Various other work done during the formation.

To finish with - a collection of environment designs.

I want to thank all the teachers that shared their knowledge with us during these two enriching years.

Thanks to Aurélien FOURNIER for supervising this innovative program.

I also want to thank my classmates for being by my side during this adventure, I am looking forward to seeying your future works!

Credits - 

to clarify, all the work I have shown is mine, but I had the opportunity to work alongside these talented people on two projects.

 Concept art team (MOJIN) Cyprien Rousson, Robin Costet, Leo Bouzehouane

Concept art team(EONIA) Clément Legouini, Raphael Agnus, Robin Costet, Cyprien Rousson, Tanguy Maqc, 

Game art team (MOJIN) Vincent Luu/ Yutian Li/ Theau Guettier/ Nathan Bertelo/ Alexandre BenyahiaConcept

VFX team (EONIA) : Eloise Fontimpe/ Jason Mathieu/ Axel Leparmentier/ Bastien Foreau/ Amaury Renard/ Pauline Furon / Carina Loiseau/ Kilian Vandenhende

Thanks again for your time.

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