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EONIA is our movie made during our last year in 2022 at New3DGE Art School. An epic Greek Sci-Fi Movie directed by Amaury Renard, Bastien Foreau, Carina Loiseau, Axel Leparmentier, Eloise Fontimpe, Jason Mathieu, Pauline Furon and Kilian Vandenhende.

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“After thousands of years, civilizations achieved to develop an advanced technology that allows humans to reach the domains of the gods”

“Due to the passing ages, deities slowly lost their power and supremacy. And most fear that one day, some of their old secrets may come back to life…

Lost somewhere in the deepest part of the galaxy, Eos, Veteran warrior, is landing on WOUND, a prison planet, created by the divinities of Olympus, in order to free his once sealed goddess…“

                                                                         Directed By:

               -Amaury Renard  -Bastien Foreau    -Carina Loiseau  -Axel Leparmentier

               -Eloise Fontimpe  -Jason Mathieu  -Pauline Furon  -Kilian Vandenhende

“ Eos is a loyal servant of Olympus's Goddess Thanatos. Years of wars have forged this man to be the great warrior he is today.

He is one of the descendants of the last survivors of Thanatos's past army to whom the oath of freeing their master was transmitted.

He searched all his life for a way to bring his mistress back to life in hopes of taking their revenge."

“ Old artifact created by the gods. The lantern is the key to the seal of Thanatos, a mechanism that holds her last remains : her burning heart.”

“ The Guardians are the mechanical entities built in ancient times by the divinities of Olympus realm.

Their only purpose is to follow the missions that were engraved on them, and fulfill the wishes of their creator.

According to the stories, the Olympus deities ruled all galaxies with an army of these mechanical warriors, only a few of them now remain in ancient forgotten places.” 

“Once called the pure flame,Thanatos, goddess of Death, the soothing voice, warming the dying men and bringing peace to their souls crossing the great bridge.

The other deities, frightened by her power over death itself, conspired against her.

In order to confront them and their treachery towards her, she started to raise an army made of her most faithful followers.

In the confrontation, she lost the great war and was sealed away with her army on WOUND : planet prison of the gods.

Everything that was good about her disappeared. She became an entity driven by rage and destruction.

An evil being seeking revenge.” 

“The Ω-34, is a Warship granted to Olympians Army’s Commanders and made by the greatest Hephaistos’s Crafters. Called the Leviathan, this beast crying out for war and faithful companion of Eos is his death bringer, feared by many."

Making this film was for us an amazing journey. An opportunity to learn about a production pipeline, as well as about ourselves as Artists. We are proud of how it turned out, we put all our love and teamwork into it. And we hope you will enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you wanna see more of it, go check our respected Posts here:

-Amaury Renard :

-Eloise Fontimpe :

-Carina Loiseau :

-Pauline Furon :

-Kilian Vandenhende :

-Jason Mathieu :

-Axel Leparmentier :

-Bastien Foreau :

Concept done by:

-Cyprien Rousson :

-Clément Legouini :

-Robin Costet :

-Tanguy Macq :

Go check these dudes ;)

"May  your flame shine!"

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