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Arnaud Claudet - Projects Showcase

Arnaud Claudet - Projects Showcase

Arnaud Claudet
by arnaudclaudet38 on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My portfolio works and the different projects I created in order to improve my skills in specific fields, Hope you'll enjoy :)

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Project 1 : The Aorta Valley

I really had a lot of fun doing this project working on my own open-world game cinematic as it is my favorite type of video game by far. All the models and textures you will see in this project are entirely made by myself from scratch. The goal was to improve and explore each modeling feature present in Speedtree and Substance Designer in order to create alien-looking vegetation and trees.

In terms of cinematic. I use this project to better understand how cameras work inside unreal, Using aspect ratio, lens property, aperture, and so on.

(You can put the video in 4K via the youtube setting :)

/// Foliage Work ///

                                 [Speedtree Interview Link]

/// Ruins Work ///

Here are some of the Ruin assets you can see in my scene "The Aorta Valley". Here, I wanted to try the modeling workflow used in the VFX industry while applying optimization techniques needed in Video Game production. My second goal was to learn through each asset, one or more features that I never used before in Zbrush.

/// Material work ///

Some material I created for "The Aorta Valley" My goal was to experiment with Procedural generator creation in order to quickly create variations of the same texture that could be used several times throughout my asset texturing process.

/// Hard Surface Work ///

For this piece, my goal was to try Sci-fy Hard Surface for the first time. I decided to mix the shape of a crab with the language of shape related to Middle-East architecture as it creates to me some king of God-Like atmosphere. Each part of the mecha was an occasion for me to try a new hard-surface modeling technique in 3DS Max.

Project 2 : 

Exploration of High-poly  Modelisation techniques.

///Architecture Exploration///

For these folowing projects, I wanted to try reproducing the type of ornamented environment I had the opportunity to see during my studies in the United Kingdom. The first piece is inspired by different Cathedrals and other religious buildings I visited throughout my travels. The other pieces are inspired by ornamented furniture present in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

My goal was to develop a multi-software workflow that would allow me to create any type of ornament in the most efficient way possible.

Here is Destroyed Wood Plank generator I created in Substance Designer to populate my scene.

Same here with an Arabic floor pattern texture.

///Tall Furniture Modelling///

/// Medium Furniture Modelling ///

Project 3 : Character/Monster sculpting exploration

Even if I would like to specialize in 3D environment art, I wanted through this project to explore the 3D character/monster modeling workflow. This, in order to better understand other field technics, practices, and limitations, hoping to have a clearer vision of how to model 3D environments that would host properly characters with their own constraints creation and integration. My goal was here to focus only on modelization and retopology techniques rather than texturing. 

/// Monster Sculpting-Retopology ///

/// Character Sculpting-Retopology ///

Project 4 : The Scavengers' Colony

For This project, I wanted to learn each feature present in 3DS max through a different set of different objects each with particular shapes and constraints. My goal was also to explore all the features present in substance painter to better understand how the software is working.

The scene was inspired by the movie "The Secret World of Arrietty" and the colorful Havana architecture in Cuba.

/// Prop modelling Work ///

To conclude, I would like to showcase a piece asset I had to realize in one working day at school. Reassembling all the techniques I learned through different projects and all the knowledge I learned from them.

I would like to conclude with this Artest I did at school that I had to finish in one day. It summarizes all the different skills and techniques I learned through different projects. 

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