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by Maila on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A robot I made for a school project in five weeks following a reference

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Welcome to my entry!

We had to make a robot project in 3D in five weeks for a course and we found this concept by Captaintrebuchet  on DeviantArt with my work team. 

Being a three-person group, this reference was perfect, a robot for each of us!

I went for the left robot, while Sabrina Blazquez Y Gomez went for the middle one and Ermance Guyonnet for the last one. 

We wanted to have something a bit dark like the robots were in a tunnel for the final image. We also wanted something of an apocalyptic atmosphere because of the robots aspect in the concept so with smoke, particles, … 

The modeling was done on Maya, and also a bit of ZBrush was done and the texturing with Mari and Maya. I did a bit of compositing to make the image more contrasted, and add the background and some smoke and particles because their world is being destroyed.

I did the walls and rocks modeling for the environment and all the texturing of it. 

I worked on Maya for all the modeling of the robot and also did the UVs with it. 

After that, I sculpted it on ZBrush to damage it so it would match the apocalyptic ambiance.

Afterward, I made all the texturing on Mari.

Finally, I rendered it with Arnold in Maya after the shading was done.

I finished with a bit of compositing to enhance the turn of the robots so it would have the same atmosphere as the group image.

This project was really interesting, being a bit like a lead on it to organize our work between ourselves and because we needed to think about optimizing the workflow to have something smooth between the three of us.

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

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