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Awaken your cat instinct and destroy or create order in chaos.

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Ever wondered what it´s like to be a cat?

Welcome to Catittude, a game that awakenes your desire for destruction. You can either choose to be a cat and make a mess or choose to play as the human and stop your friends from destroying your interior.

This game has:
- Cats
- Peeing
- Breakdancing
- Rick Astley!

Curious? You can download the latest version of our game on

What is Cattitude?

Cattitude is a 3 vs 1 couch co-op experience. In rounds of 3 minutes players need to bring the mess meter on their side. 3 players team up as cats to destroy as much of the interior as possible while the fourth player plays as their owner. His task is to keep the cats in check and clean up after them. 

Both character types have unique mechanics that help them win the game.

Cats can:
- Push
- Team up
- Pee 

The Human can:
- Clean
- Use the Roomba
- Breakdance
- Catch
- Spray water
- Close doors

The Team

Bjorn Clarysse
Glenn Strooybants

Sarah Mohr

Watse D´haene

The game was made in Unreal Engine 4. All code is made with visual scripting.

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