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My student journey

My student journey

by jbertaud on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm Jonathan, I did the concept art program at New3dge and finished it last June. This is my last year participating in this contest. The following projects are personal pieces I made after school, my sgraduation project and most of the major projects from my cursus.

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Here is an image I made recently. I was very inspired by playing the game Elden Ring and so I tried to make an imagr to convey the feeling of that moment before facing a boss.

Japan Graveyard

Here is a series of three images I made a few months ago. The goal was to improve my workflow for professional work.

So I decided to make a series in a Japanese graveyard and had fun modeling and rigging the character.

Here are some thumbnails I made using a 3D base and painting a little over and the character.

Island Town

I made this image right after I finished New3dge. For this, I followed Jad Saber's amazing tutorial.

Temple in the rocks

Here is a personal image I did to practice zbrush for the environment, inspired by Quentin Mabille's tutorial. 

Graduation Project

This is my graduation project on which I worked for 3 months with my friend and classmate Oscar Bagalini. 

The story takes place in a dystopian future in which the final of the motorcycle race will take place. The starting point of this race is an old stadium repurposed to host illegal events. I mainly worked on the visual of the stadium, its layout and some keyframes. 

I also designed the Hero team motorcycle.

I went through an iteration process to find the design of the stadium. Here are the layout of the final design and some iterations.

Mesopotamian City

Here are two images I made during a class with Timothy Rodriguez. The subject was to design a Mesopotamian city and do some shots in it. 

Farming and Fishing

Here are some images I made during Greg Danton's class. The subject was free so I decided to explore a world where animal husbandry and fishing would be different. 

VFX Project

During my two years in New3dge I had the chance to work with VFX cursus to assist a team on their graduation movie.

The movie named Hope takes place in a dystopian futur. The city is controlled by a totalitarian government. We follow the hero through the city in order to accomplish his mission which is to hack into the city's tower control to broadcast a message to start a rebellion. A government drone formatted by the rebellion is helping him in his journey.

Game Art Project

I also worked in collaboration with the game art cursus to help them build a video game demo.

The video game project I worked on is named The Fault. The game takes place in 1930 and is about two scientists who finds their arctic labs abandoned and invaded by a bioluminescent organism that becomes disgusting when it’s lit.

That's it! It was a long day to become a concept artist sometimes difficult but mostly very fun ! Thanks for looking at my work. 

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