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Aspiring character artist entry

Aspiring character artist entry

Tamachat Hejderup
by DiGelOo on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm an aspiring character/creature artist, and here is the best of me so far.

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The Porcelain Court jester

This was one of the concepts among others sent to me by a friend of mine when we were given the task to create a portfolio project during four weeks in school. The concept caught my eye because of it's beauty and the challenge that I saw in creating it, I had never created anything of this complexity before, and as an aspiring character artist I know that I constantly need to push myself in that way.

During many parts of the project I thought that I had bitten of more than I could chew, and in hindsight I think I probably might have. There are many things that I could have done better such as the texture work and general material definition along with parts that I cut some corners in creating such as the frills on the shoulders.

The concept art was created by Maija Eriksson Kukkonen

The Oni

This was a personal project where I wanted to create my own take on Oni from Japanese mythology. The idea came about after having played Guilty Gear: Strive and seeing the new Faust design, and having earlier created the Oni mask just for some practice and fun I wanted to give it a body.

This time I really went in on studying human anatomy and the torso went trough a few different iterations the more I learned. It's not perfect, having gone back to take a look at the model I have found some errors in the anatomy such as the triceps not looking like they should.

The Cyberpunk plaguedoctor

I have always been a fan of the design of the plague doctor mask. When I was in high school I drew a concept of a modernized plague doctor in my sketchbook, one that I would later go on to create in 3D. A few years later at school we got an assignment to remake an old project and I chose the plague doctor. I photobashed some techwear clothing with a plague doctor mask and prosthetics and went to work.

The greatest challenge was creating the prosthetic legs since I rarely do hard surface modeling and even more rarely, machine parts.

The Sunbathing lizard creature

I created this creature when I was done with my school assignments at the time. I started out wanting to create a monitor lizard but I decided to have some fun with it and create something alien.

The Smiling Titan (Attack on titan fan art)

Credit to Wit studios for the original animation

The purpose of this project was to recreate the scene from Attack on titan where Hannes faces the smiling titan. 

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