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Valentin Perouelle

Valentin Perouelle

by valentinp on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I’m a french concept artist, former student from the New3dge concept art cursus in 2021.

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Hi all ! Here is the work I did this year and the year before.

Here is the exploration art for my personal project named Avalon

Here is the work I did last year in the final cursus of the new3dgeconceptart school.

ELIXIR project done at New3dge 

Game art team :

Alexia Moléon Anthony Filteau Carol Richard Philipe Glotin Tahira Curreno

LACOM project done at New3dge

VFX Team :

Amandine Bertrand Yasmine Lemineur Baptiste Lucas Valentin Josse Jules Chantome Fanch Brouste

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