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IHÖS is my graduation project, the concepts are made for a live action movie combining my two passion : science fiction and biology I wanted to set up the atmosphere, the artistic direction and the mood of the movie

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IHÖS is a planet quite similar to ours, but the environmental conditions are  inhospitable for the human species. 

As a concept artist specialized in creature design, I wanted to explore the fauna of IHÖS

Here is a super-predator, Cannis Chiroptera

Canis Chiroptera 

It's a nocturnal predator, adapted to his environment (semi-desertic/ arid )

I wanted a massive and  stocky shape, so I looked for the anatomy of large canidae like hyena. A light fur protects it from the sun, his big ears allow him to regulate his body heat and hunt at nightfall

First I've looked for the shape that matches my idea, then i've sculpted it with Zbrush up to a satisfying level of detail. Finally I've rendered it with Blender and started to  overpaint textures in Photoshop

The Megalorca

Its a superpredator living in the frozen oceans. He uses his ice-breaker horn to make his way and defend his hunting territory. I was inspired by the big cetaceans for the anatomy

The megalorca diving in the polar ocean, I wanted a poetic illustration of this beast in his environment

Xen 'As 

They are an endemic species of Ihös. This is a concept for the production, to get an idea of the other  species living among the human. I used the same process as for the Canis Chiroptera (sketchs, sculpt, overpaint)

I was inspired by the alien from Star wars and Giger's design


Ihös is inhospitable, arid and acidic. I've made some color research with bright colors to illustrate the acidity and toxic atmosphere.

It allow me to set up the artistic direction of the project, with raw photobash and brushstroke to import material and textures

Vehicle Design

Vehicles are really important in Ihös, the surface is not habitable, human societies  had to adapt with nomadic lifestyles. Vehicles are also a marker of the technological evolution of a civilization

Each vehicle is designed for its function, here is a personal vehicle made for speed

Costume Design

The costume is a social and an ethnical marker, I loved playing with the shapes to set the character trait and background

First I've sculpted different faces with Zbrush to save time, then I've overpainted them

Thanks for watching!

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