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3D Character Art

3D Character Art

Irene Roldan
by khalixti on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I want to present my practices on Animum3d. And I used Zbrush,Maya,substance painter, Xgen and Arnold Render.

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Male Portrait.

I want to present my practice of human portrait. It's sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Substance painter, rendered in Maya with Arnold, and hair is done with Xgen.

The detailing of this project was laborious. I used Zbrush, and I make the displacement map that I used in the final render

I used Substance Painter for textures.  I painted all skin colours by hand in different layers, I look for realistic look skin.

I show the some textures ( base colour, roughness and normal map).

I practiced with xgen and I used mixed mask density to control the density of the hair.

Amazon Warrior

Cartoon character project. I realized in master in 3D character modeling.

Modeled in Maya/ZBrush, retopology with topogun, UVs in Maya, textured in Substance Painted, rendered in Arnold Maya.

Based on the concept by Chui Sanhua ( )

I worked with Zbrush to make a base for the character to use before doing a retopology

I worked in substance painter for the textures.

I looked for a range of colors that would intensify the shapes of the character, especially in the base color channel

I created  blendshapes  for the face.

I worked with Zbrush to make a pose for this character before making the final render

I work on materials that will work together and look good on displacement from a mesh in the lowest subdivision

I worked with Maya Autodesk and used Arnold for the render.

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