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The start of something

The start of something

Architecture and 3D have always been of great interest to me. While I was studying my bachelor’s degree within music/event management with focus on marketing and later working within IT, I always felt that I wasn’t quite in the right place and was dreaming about doing something else. Here is my start of a new chapter!

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Welcome to my archviz bubble! 

I aspire to create images that capture a feeling and make the observer desire to be in the space created. I've always been creative in different ways and after fighting for three years to get into the Architectural visualization program at YRGO in Gothenburg, I feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time. I'm curious to see what the future holds and this is just the beginning of something.....

Villa Storsjö from Trivselhus

Villa Storsjö, a house with red standing wooden panels and a grey metal roof, situated on the outskirts of a pine forest with water just around the corner. The key words for both the house and the surroundings are modern but cosy and are meant to give the feeling of a warm summer day.

During this project we got blue prints of the house. The goal was to model the house from scratch, including building details such as windows and doors.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Forest Pack, RailClone, Corona & Photoshop

Inside the villa

During the project of Villa Storsjö, I got inspired to create the indoor living space as well. Hence I created this kitchen inspired of Ballingslöv on my spare time outside all of the schoolwork.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

In need of some updates

During this project, we were supposed to find a real estate that was out for sale and in need of care, love and renovation. The mission here was to visualise the potential for the estate within 3D. My intended client for this task, was a family with children, hence I decided to go for a more playful and colourful approach with Scandinavian interior design.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

Below you will find images and a floor plan of the house, located in Swedish the town Halmstad, as it was when finding it on Hopefully you'll also see that it needed some care. 


- by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

During this assignment, we were focusing on modelling. The mission was to find a designer chair and from 2D drawings and reference photography recreate it in 3D. The chair is very organic with its curved arm rest and the challenges here, was working with the textures and make them photorealistic.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

A snowy dream

Since summer is just around the corner and I'm a winter person to the core, I couldn't resist the urge to create a house in a winter wonderland in my spare time. The floor plans are made in AutoCAD and the building was created in Revit during a previous course we had.

Softwares used: AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max, Forest Pack, RailClone, Megascans & Photoshop


My first large-scale exterior image. This project was in collaboration with Assembly Studios in London. We received a brief and documentation from them. Based on the material we received, we would create a visualization of the building Cargo - 25 North Colonnade.

Here is my take on a warm early summer evening, after a rainy day and the sun has just set. The smell of petrichor is in the air. 

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

Copper house on a glacier

During the matte painting project, our mission was to photo match different photos in Photoshop. In 3Ds Max, we only created a very basic model of the house. All materials are put together in Photoshop.

Most of the landscape photos is also shot by me, from my visit on the winter wonderland Svalbard

Softwares used: 3Ds Max and Photoshop

Sci-fi hangout area

The film festival is the first project we got during the education. The mission was to create a room where a smaller group of people could relax or do interviews. For this project, we got to choose a genre that our final image was supped to reflect and my room has its inspiration from Science Fiction.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

Viewpoint Hotel

The hotel project was a group project where we would create a concept hotel for a chosen place in the world. Our hotel would fit into Yellowstone's environments and our mission was to bring the outside in.

Softwares used: 3Ds Max, Corona & Photoshop

Bonus picture

Since you have managed to scroll all the way down here, I would like to say thank you with a christmas decorated room and make you long for the winter when summer is just approaching.

That's all...for now at least, there is still more to come. This is just the start of something for me. 

Thank you very much for your time and feel free to give me a high five! 

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