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Seb's Portfolio

Seb's Portfolio

Sebastià Mercadal
by sebastiamercadal on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is Sebastià and these are some projects I have been working on during the last months at School-ing.

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Hi there! This is Sebastià and these are some projects I have been working on during last months at School-ing.


The first one is the Ricarda House located on the outskirts of Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Bonet in 1963, it’s considered a classic of Spanish modern architecture. I chose it as my first project because of the complexity of the roof and the great number of different facades that challenge my modeling skills.

Either the light and environment were extremely important to recreate the Mediterranean seaside. In addition, the raw images were post-produced cutting the edges of the histogram trying to replicate a more vintage style. 


We were challenged to model a piece of furniture in one week using quad-modeling and turbo-smooth. I decided to model a vintage Danish chair where the key point was the joint between the backboard and the leg.


After a week of composition theory, we had to realize two exercises applying all the learned knowledge.

For the first one, we had to use a set of old London houses. I recreated a First World War scenario where the composition and shape of the elements explain the story.

For the second one, we had an afternoon to come up with an image. A random model and a random film frame were assigned to each of us. I used the legs of my space spider as the main motive of the composition and the colors of the film as an inspiration for the environment. 


To change the type and style of the first project, I went for an interior apartment with Nordic deco. The apartment located in Paris created by Clément Lesnoff-Rocard and Gil Percal has a build area of 300m².

Clean forms, raw materials, and simple furniture were essential to get the Scandinlavic mood. The garden was a daunting part of the project due to the aim of keeping it simple but complex enough to be realistic.

Images are based on the photographies of Simone Bossi.


Currently I'm working on a retail interior, a restaurant called Casa Plata located in Sevilla, Spain. It was designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil. It's a modeling and texturing challange because all the furniture is custom made.

Hopefully soon I'll do an entry with this project finished and some new stuff. I'll see you around!

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