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Oscar & Co.

Oscar & Co.

Christina Varlokosta
by christelia on 22 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! Here is a series of my best works during my 2nd and 3rd year in ESMA. It has been a big journey in 3D so far and I am very proud to share it with you. Enjoy!

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My first project to submit is one of my most favorite from my second year in Esma Lyon. During this, we learned how to create and groom fur in Xgen. I designed a character, Captain Oscar the Otter with the prospect of experimenting with some stylized shapes in modeling, and tried some wet look fur look for the shading. Below you can see some steps of the process.

Sculpting and Modeling in Blender and Maya, Texturing in Mudbox, Grooming with Xgen Interactive and Rendering with Renderman.

Concept Art


Next is the work I did during the short film I worked on in a team of four students during our 3rd year. We had 6 weeks to produce a movie of 30 seconds and I was responsible for the Lighting, Prop Modeling and LookDev, Character LookDev and full Compositing of the shots below. You can find some stills with the steps of the compositing.

The story is a wacky adventure of a crazy spaceship captain, Buzz Sealdrin and his crew as they face a dangerous obstacle in their journey across the cosmos. Check out some still frames from the shots I worked on.

Character Modeling and Rigging by Guillaume Raynaud, Animation by Liam Docherty.

This project was done with Maya, Mudbox, Mari, Renderman, Photoshop, Nuke and Blender.

Here is also a process of one of our characters, for which I did Texturing/Shading/Compositing.

Last project of this entry is a lookDev work I did during my second year as well. The concept was to work on an insect or an amphibian to practice creating something organic. I went with a poison dart frog, a Ranitomeya Amazonica. It was a project full of new knowledge learned because we were introduced in Mudbox and Blender.

Sculpting and Modeling in Blender and Maya, Texturing in Mudbox, Shading and Rendering with Renderman.

You can see more steps and AOVs of this project in the end of my demo reel along with some more works.

Thanks for looking!

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