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My Game Art Projects

My Game Art Projects

Jordy Conaert
by Jordy3Dart on 21 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of realistic props and environments that i have made during my time at DAE in Belgium.

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Lotus Claw Hammer

This was my first time creating and texturing an asset from scratch. The goal was to texture it using PBR materials to make it as realistic as possible. I learned quite alot while making it and defenitly helped with future projects. I modeled the highpoly using Maya and Zbrush, the lowpoly using just Maya and the textures were made in Substance Painter. The presentation i then did inside of Unreal Engine 4.

Polaroid 636 CloseUp

The goal for this model was to make it a bit more Complex with the theme of ''Optics''. I really liked the vintage look of a Polaroid camera so i wanted to try to make it and add a bit of personality to it with a sticker. 

M48 Hell Hawk Assault Crossbow

For the exam we had to create a prop that would fit in a ''mercenary hideout''. Since alot of people picked guns i was a bit hesitant of doing one aswell but in the end i decided to go for a crossbow. So i looked for some hunting crossbows and then i came across this one.

Adventurers Camp

I made this diorama with the goal of making a camp that an adventurer would rest at. The adventurer in this story decided to take some shelter in a giant turtle shell. I modeled these assets in Maya and then Sculpted them inside of Zbrush. Then did a bit of editing inside of Photoshop.

Environments in UE5

Real-Time Ruins Assignment

Using Megascans we had to decorate an environment around the theme of ''Ruins''. It was a fun project to work on and seeing it come togheter. Especially once i fixed the lighting.

Baked Lighting

For this assignment we had to create an Archviz scene using baked lighting in Unreal Engine 5. Most of the assets i managed to find on either Sketchfab or Bridge Megascans. For this assignment i really wanted to aim for a Cozy Room kind of vibe.

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