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Leon S. Kennedy - Fan Art

Leon S. Kennedy - Fan Art

by gregoryjc on 17 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Fan Art of Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil series i finished recently after working on it over the past few months

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Hey everyone! here's a fan art project of Leon Kennedy i started a few months ago and finished just in time for The Rookies so i thought i'd share it here.

This project was built using:

Zbrush - Anatomy and Clothes Sculpting, Hard Surface Modelling

3D Coat - Retopology

Maya - Hair Textures, Unwraps, Hair Card placement

Substance Painter & Photoshop - Baking & Texturing

Beauty Renders

Hair and Eye Shader's used here are one's provided by Epic in their example projects and the diorama is built using Quixel Megascan assets.

Neutral Renders

Hair and Fur Renders

Hair shader's used are Epic's with maps i created using Xgen for the hair and Quixel Megascans for the Fur

High Poly


The Character uses 6 texture sets for the model and then one for the Fur and one for the Hair. The head is 4096 x 4096 and the rest are 2048 x 2048 or lower also the final Tri count for the model is a bit over 132k tris

Skin Shader

For the skin i created a skin shader that allowed me a bit more control thna the default one's that Epic provide and i also added the ability to adjust the roughness in engine using an RGB map to determine different roughness zones and it also has a toggle for a more standard roughness texture map instead.

Shader Breakdown

For the skin shader it's based off of Saurabh Jethani's work and is a much simpler version although i do hope to build a shader as cool as his. In order you can see how the Roughness, Normal, Base Colour/Cavity/Specular, and the Translucency and AO are setup. The cavity map in this example is used in the Roughness, Specular, and the Base Colour to help achieve different effects with the skin shading.

Fur Setup

The fur is setup using multiple shells push out from each other with each shell being assigned an alpha with the most opaque on the bottom shell and the least opaque for the top this is all done and assigned through Epic's hair shader which i edited a bit to plug in an albedo and other maps as i added height to displace the shells and attempt to enhance the fur and i also added the ability to use tesselation on it.  

Above you can see how each layer add's to and helps make the fur effect work

Fur Texture

The fur texture is pretty simple to build all you need to do is create a tiling texture and then split it into four quadrants making it darker and the most opaque for the bottom layer and the opposite for the top.

Here you can see it below with the bottom right quadrant of our texture being darkest in the albedo and the most opaque in the alpha and the opposite happening in the top left of the texture

For this project i downloaded a megascan asset from Quixel for fur which tiled quite nicely already and then used Photoshop to edit the maps into what i needed.

And that's it. Thanks for reading/viewing i hope you enjoyed!

You can check out the Artstation page for the project here

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