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Own projects and student work

Own projects and student work

by AresVa on 16 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm currently on my second year of becoming a 3D-Generalist, but my main focus is on stylized game art, and that is what i aim for in everyproject. I have alot of fun doing both course work and projects, developing new skills in every project.

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stylized windmill

I've really wanted to make a full stylized scene, but with school going on i havent had that much time for a personal project, but once i did i sat down and made this. The scene i wanted to make was a house by a forest and i'm really happy with the outcome of it.

The woodtextures are my second tileable texture, sculpted in zbrush and baked in painter

I made in unreal engine 4, 3dsmax, substance painter, substance designer, zbrush.
These are the tools im most comfortable working with, and the ones i really want to get better at. Learning new things each project

Progress from start to finish on the stylized windmill project. I spent a total of a little over 3 weeks on this project.


This project i reused a few of the assets i made in the for the stylized windmill, but also tried out a few new things. This was therefore a really quick project, and my main focus was to create an atmosphere for the viewer to feel, working with the colors and lighting alot.

Modular Sewer Kit

This was my first "big" game assets project i did for a group school project. We had to make assets for a game level, and our level were set to be underground in a sewer. Therefore i came up with this modular sewer kit which contains all the assets we need to make a level.

This was my first time making a modular kit, and it also uses a trimsheet which was also the first time i made one. I really enjoyed the process of making this assets because it gives us artist a faster way to quickly setup a level and test it, beeing efficient. 

The trimsheet was sculpted in zbrush and baked in designer

I only made the assets you can see in the pictures below, the rest were taken from "bunker assets" on the unreal market place. 


My first character, meet Arnulf. This was for a school course in character design. Here my main focus was to make a game ready character i could rig and use in a game if i wanted. 

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