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As Favelas & The Cloud Forests of Honduras

As Favelas & The Cloud Forests of Honduras

Máté Válent
by matevalent on 15 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm Máté. I am a 2nd year Environment Art student at Breda University of Applied Sciences and this is my entry for The Rookie Awards. The entry contains two projects: As Favelas - modular environment; The Cloud Forests of Honduras - foliage study

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As Favelas

My most important piece this year was my The Last of Us 2 inspired 'As Favelas' project. The scene is made according to Rio de Janeiro's slums, the favelas.

The environment is a diorama with extra silhouette buildings scattered around the scene to give it a sense of scale and context.

The focus of this project was to combine all my knowledge in one project: materials, modeling, texturing, UE4 shaders, composition & lighting, set dressing, environmental story telling and vegetation creation,

Modular kit breakdown

Texture breakdown of the Brazilian Pepper

Materials made in Substance Designer

from blockout to finish

Wall material shader - triplanar, procedural decal and Blend between layer (shown on left). End result (middle). Vertex Paint (right).

The Cloud Forests of Honduras

My second project, on a much smaller scale, was to create vegetation from the cloud forests of Honduras. The assets are made to fit in the style of Horizon Forbidden West.

The focus of this project was to push the quality of the vegetation assets as much as possible, while making sure they work well in different lighting scenarios.

 An other goal of this project was to create various lighting conditions and take shots to show off detail and textures of the created assets.

Sunny, saturated, Horizon-like environmental lighting conditions

Moody, cloudy and a bit more real life like lighting conditions of the forest

wireframe of the final asset in detailed lighting viewmode

Thank you for taking a look at my entry!

As Favelas ArtStation post

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