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The First Step

The First Step

Chi Hang Chau
by HANG on 14 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The first ever time letting myself involve into a great contest. Not the best one, but the best work i can show to you.

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 This is a college Matte Painting Project which required us create a castle or country.

In my mine, i wanna create something out of  ''castle on hill or normal city'', so i decide to made a ''moving'' castle in Postapocolyptic Era.

''Work In Progress''

Here's  a close up view of this ''Moving Castle '' .

''Fantasy Crytal Cave''  Enviroment Art

Blender Project : ''Futuristict City''

Concept Art Project 

Story : ''Children Of  The Forest'' :

 Long has the story of bigfoot gone around, sightings and pictures. It all turns out to be true. Humanity finds out that besides humans, another race of people had survived in secrecy after millions of years of domination and eradication by the humans. They must work with an organization to prevent the overtaking and replacement of their own race by another.

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