Hunter & Pirate - Concept art - Frans van Swam

Hunter & Pirate - Concept art - Frans van Swam

Frans van Swam
by Fransvanswam on 6 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Greetings! I am Frans, a Dutch artist, studying at a HKU. I'd like to share my latest concept art work with you. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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The Hunter and The Pirate

For this project I created two fantasy characters in the same world but different regions. 
A glutinous hunter seeking to increase his life force.
An undead pirate cultivating spirit fish.

I always have the mindset to create character designs for games. Giving stats to a character to immerse into a world and promote design decisions. 

My first brief was a pirate. I thought of sea creatures and keywords related to any item found in the sea. However, these keywords weren't enough. The design had to be pushed. 

My next brief included the keywords: Pirate (the main inspiration), Summoner (the class archetype), sea creatures, oriental and undead (extra themes to push the overall design) 

I had the mindset:

"How can I make this design memorable?!"

I made several different rough thumbnails and chose one. On the last chosen thumbnail, I thought of making it different by adding ribbons.. and it was a great addition!

Then I decided for a different pose and made color keys to help with the keywords and theme. 

My inspiration came from Bloodborne and of course HP lovecraft. I made sure to use recognizable elements like tentacles and gothic victorian outfits. 

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