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by Cmitche1, Tparris1, and cybernomad on 27 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My work on the senior thesis Scythe. I was responsible for the visual development, modeling, texturing, lighting, and set dressing of the first two areas of the game. I had the pleasure of working with the talented Tyler Parrish and Gordon Hall who were responsible for their own respective areas of the game.

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Scythe - Overview

Scythe is set deep inside a bioweapon facility that uses toxic plant matter to create its weapons. You play as a cyborg who is bent on destroying the facility from deep behind enemy lines. 

The filler room is where the plant matter is packaged into canisters. The general flow, layout, and color/material placement were implemented to aid in emphasizing the player path.

Shot showcasing wall design. A major focus during the assignment was to give more credibility to the design of the facility in terms of construction and architecture. To give a sense of the sublayers of the walls I incorporated removed service panels.

The shredding room where raw plants are brought into the facility and taken apart. The fan vents out toxic fumes emitted from the plants during the shredding process.

Hallway leaving my area of the game.


Unlit, detailed lighting, and lit viewports.

Trim sheet material balls.

Trim sheet 1 designed for use on floors and ceilings. Base color, Normal, AO.

Trim sheet 2 designed for use on walls. Base color, AO, normal, and a color ID map for adjusting specific pieces in Unreal Engine.

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