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Concept Art Portfolio

Concept Art Portfolio

Juan Camilo Vallejo
by camilovall on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my entry for the Rookies 2022! Here I will share with you some projects that I have worked on during my Concept Art Master at UA School in Valencia, Spain. Hope you guys like it!

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Hello everyone! First time here sharing with y'all what I've been working on over the last few years for my concept art portfolio. I really hope you enjoy what you are about to see and I also hope to connect with some people who are equally passionate about concept art and in general about this really inspiring industry.

The first project that I want to share is a story that I wrote based on the game METRO EXODUS. It's like a "continuation" of the franchise. The second one is a redesign project of Final Fantasy IX and last but not least some older and smaller projects that are equally important and inspiring to share.

No further more, here are the projects, I hope you enjoy!

Continuing the story of Metro Exodus.

Almost 6 years have passed since Artyom, his wife Anna and their crew stablished a new civilization to the shores of  Baikal lake.

Artyom has kept in secret that he still continues to have visions in which he meets a Dark One who really is the boy he saved in Metro Last Light. The Dark One constantly invites Artyom to keep moving east in search of a new world, stating that in this new settlement they will not be out of danger for long...


The idea of the characters is that they look a little more equipped and armed ready for combat with dangers never seen before.


In these sheets I wanted to explore from modified and improved weapons to basic items that can be found in the game like food cans and boxes of ammo. This in order to show diversity of objects and the most important thing is to show from the design perspective the understanding of the world in which the game takes place.

...Days later, just when they were celebrating the anniversary of their settlement, they are heavily attacked by a new, much more powerful mutant race, a product of the radiation that continues to spread throughout the continent; In the middle of the battle, Artyom manages to escape with Anna and some other members aboard the Aurora where they decide to follow the subway tracks heading east...

...In the middle of the trip, several towns are registered, some abandoned, others inhabited and others still full of mutated creatures. One of the cities the Dark One guides Artyom to is Anadyr, a city in the far east of Russia...


Making Of

...In this place there is an old Soviet military base which they decide to explore, finding in it some classified documents signed by Stalin in 1934 where he secretly gave the order to start building a subway line through the Bering Strait in order to guarantee the expansion of communism and the Soviet Union to America...


...Obtaining this information, Artyom and his crew decide to start their journey against the clock in the direction of the Bering Strait, but not before preparing the Aurora with a take of runway made with metal sheets and structures recycled from the rubble of the city, to mount on it an aircraft that was found at the base as they were not sure that the said bridge on the documents even existed...

...In a journey full of unexpected obstacles, they finally managed to observe the secret bridge which, as expected, had never been finished. This is how they decide to start boarding the plane to prepare everything for its takeoff to Alaska.

At the moment of boarding without even noticing it, they are attacked by a ferocious wave of mutated creatures which were alerted by the noise produced by the Aurora...


...At that moment the crew embarks on a fierce combat with the creatures from which they managed to get out alive and escape in the aircraft that they had prepared heading to the new world leaving behind all the terrors experienced in Moscow, throughout the Russian territory and the Aurora that in an almost symbolic act it collapses into the void at the end of that bridge.

Making Of

This second project was given to us in order to deliver each week a redesigned element of the game where the original essence should be preserved but at the same time present something fresh and much more of the current generation of video games. As I did in METRO, my style is focused on something much more realistic.


The first task of the project was to redesign a ship from the game from different options that our tutor gave us. I decided to go with the cargo ship that is flying around the city of Alexandria because it was a good opportunity to design something that is not as important as the Red Rose ship for example and yet have to be cool and interesting in every way possible.  


The same idea was applied to the characters. Take for example Beatrix. The idea was to preserve the essence of the original character of the game but giving her a more realistic and modern style reaching the current generation of AAA video games. The same happened with Odin and his more demonic and realistic look and for Tantarian who is not my favorite but I still liked the challenge of designing it completely because if you remember the original you will know that taking him to something realistic was a very complicated task.


The main idea of the scenario was that this would be a combat arena in which the player would face one of the game's bosses, which in my case is Tantarian and he is found in the Alexandria library. I tried to came up with original game and combat mechanics that could be interesting as the player fights in this place.

This is a post apocalyptic world where, as a result of the war, the planet and its living conditions have been seriously affected.

The main problem that the surviving populations must deal with is that due to the radiation left by the war, the Earth's atmosphere has weakened to the point where now the sun in the daytime, became not only an element necessary for life but  also, an element capable of destroying it.

Surviving groups of people quickly had to find new safe areas to live in, areas where sun, radiation and new types of wild mutated species would not pose a danger. This is why the ridges of the mountains and the huge cracks in the earth created by the massive explosions in the plains became safe areas to live in thanks to the shade and water they provide.


The characters of this post-apocalyptic world are quite industrial, they wear battered and used clothes and accompany them with different tactical equipment that they find in the world or that they recycle from their enemies.


This has been quite a long post but it shows a lot my interests as a Concept Artist for this style of projects. I hope that those who have come this far have enjoyed seeing the post. I would also like you to leave me a comment with advice and opinions about my work. Finally you can also visit my Artstation profile where I have other projects that I don't post here.

Cheers everybody!

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