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Cyd Tseng
by cydtseng on 21 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

You are the wind. Collect 5 diary pages, fragments of memory from this life, to complete the game.

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AWAY is a short walking simulator made by myself for Global Game Jam 2022, Singapore.

The theme was Duality. My interpretation was to express the lingering memories of an individual who has departed. How do I manifest this idea across two realities, in the form of an ordinary object that reveals the story behind the prior existence of the individual?

Capsule Art

Reference Collection

To begin, I collected some images that I thought were close to my intended aesthetic. They served as cinematographic inspiration and art direction.

Environment Art

The environment modelling and design were inspired by Singaporean local scenes, specifically at dawn as the sunrays bathe the surfaces of apartments in a creamy glow. 

Gameplay Sample

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