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After Hell

After Hell

Luis de la Torre Campillo
by ltc on 18 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Apocalypse lasted longer than expected, and angels and demons notice something: Neither Devil nor God are giving them orders anymore. They both had dissapeared, and both gates to Heaven and Hell are closed. Now they are trapped, forced to make a truce and live on what remains of Earth alongside with humans survivors.

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Who will you be?

Who will you found?

Antagonist and major role playing characters.

Friend or foe?

Secondary Characters, NPC's & Enemies.

What happened to Earth?

World after the Apocalypse.

Tools and trash

Weapons and other props.


Past works

Cyberpunk characters for Zanna Magazine (Independent art magazine), and as a photobashing practice.

Creatures designed for the Paintober Challenge.

Materials and Texture practice.

Regina Larouge, OC created as an exercise for Nacho Yag├╝e (Parallel Studios) Domestika Course.

Environment Art.

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