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King Slayer and Cyborg Vulture

King Slayer and Cyborg Vulture

Neko Figurines
by BlueTape on 9 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello all! I am happy to share with you 2 of my works in the past year. I believe that working on different topics will allow me to explore further avenues of 3D art.

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Here is my first project, I chose this concept art from Alexander Trufanov as I liked the overall mood the piece was giving off.

Here is a turntable. It was interesting to try my hand at rigging a hard-surface character. I wanted the animation to really capture the characteristics of real life vultures and eagles.

Below are the breakdowns of the character.

In order are the character maps Albedo, Roughness, Metallic and Normals.

During my time in school, I tried my hands on a Human character. As it was my first attempt at character art, I decided to work on a piece that focused more on anatomy.

The concept art that caught my attention was created by P.E.K.K.A, I went forward with this concept although I was initially hesitant about the technicalities of the fire effects on its head.

The most challenging part of this piece was capturing the look of the skin, my inspiration came mostly from the Souls series which I felt this monster would fit right in.

The fire effects were created entirely out a planes with different Vfx flames generated online on a free website. More embers and smoke were added in the scene to sell the intensity of the flames.

Here is the turntable for King Slayer.

Below are the breakdowns for King Slayer.

In order are the character maps Albedo, Roughness, Metallic and Normals.

The overall process of both characters combined took me almost 10 months from concept art to rendering.  It is a gradual process of iterations and learning and I hope that you have enjoyed my showcase for this year's Rookies award.

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