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Concept Art & Illustration

Concept Art & Illustration

Louise Moulis
by LouiseMoulis on 9 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello! Let me introduce you to some of the work I've done over the past few years, both in the context of my studies and my personal projects! I hope you will enjoy these projects as much as I do! 😊

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"Head in the stars and lost in the universe"
This sentence is the one that accompanies me during my creative process, I am a person who likes to dream and get lost in his world!

Let me transport you into my world!

"Les Royaumes"

Some concept art made for a project I share with my partner.
"Les Royaumes" will be a series of graphic novels all connected by a common thread and telling stories of love and fantasy worlds with a lot of representation in these characters.

"Songbird & Bodyguard"

A concept art of Ash, one of the main characters of a graphic novel project.

"Disney Art Challenge 2021"

My participation in the Disney Art Challenge 2021, with the theme "An unforgettable summer"

"Le Parc aux Cerfs"

Some concept art made for my graduation film "Le Parc aux Cerfs" scheduled for release in late 2022

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