The Old Warrior
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The Old Warrior

An entry to the Winter Stories contest, about an old warrior long past his glory days and now laid to a peaceful rest.

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Update - 26 Feb 2022

Shot 01

Shot 02

Before and After the compositing of both shots

Here are the final shots !

The modeling was made in Maya, the textures were all made un Substance Painter, the rendering with Arnold and the compositing of the final shots in After Effects. And all by yours truly !

This challenge was lots of fun and allowed me to learn a lot along the way !
Next challenge though, I'll try to start and finish earlier as to avoid all nighters.

Some screenshots of the cloth simulations I did in Houdini.

One test render I did to see how the textures would look in Arnold and to figure out how to work with it on this project.

Texturing in Substance 3D Painter, here we can see the plane I will use as main subject in the final shots.

Screenshots of the Maya scene where you can see the camera angle, placed textures and overall layout of the scene

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Update - 7 Feb 2022

Here is a 3D Blockout of my scene, and the steps I took to create it.

Composition researches and 2D concepts of the 2 ligthings.

Here is a decomposition of my work process for one of the concepts: