All legs and no bite
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All legs and no bite

This knight spider oozes machismo but size might just matter after all.

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Update - 4 Dec 2021

My first pass at timing and rough key poses for the animation, still a little ambitious for the 10 second limit and doesn't leave much time for facial acting so I'm going to see where I can simplify now. Considering moving my entry to the animated category, I'll see how I go.

Edit: Here's a second pass at the timing breakdown, I removed a lot and combined a few poses but I think the story is still in tact. I could still see time being an issue even with the much shorter poses. I think some sound effects could help with the read, I will watch some Johnny Bravo for some quick change pose inspiration.

I'm also thinking a basic zoom or dolly zoom could help sell the helpless feeling at the end.

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Update - 2 Dec 2021

This is a storyboard to see if my concept would read well and to get an idea of key poses, Initially I had pictured him using a toothpick as a sword but given the time constraints I decided it would be best to leave it out.  That said I'm pretty happy I could get a short story across without props and still engage the character with their surroundings (being the viewer and the implied cat).

Any feedback appreciated, I would especially like to hear if you were confused by any parts.
It's been a while between updates, but I'm going well with my CG Spectrum work and have some time scheduled the next few weeks to really flesh this out.


Update - 21 Oct 2021

To start I have been spending a few hours getting used to a rig with so many limbs!  I've noticed that silhouettes are going to be a challenge as well as avoiding too many focal points with all the potential hand gestures. 

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