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Spider Knight VS Laser Pointer
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Spider Knight VS Laser Pointer

Spider Knight VS Laser Pointer

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Update - 14 Jan 2022

Hi! Here is my final Submission.

I really tried to challenge myself with this animation. hope you like it :)

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Update - 10 Jan 2022

It's getting close! I think I can improve some poses and the timing. I'll see how it goes.

any feedback is appreciated 🙂

I also did the rig of the rope following this tutorial

Update - 9 Jan 2022

Here is my first pass in spline, I usually start with the body and the legs, the next update will include the arms

Update - 20 Dec 2021

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Update - 17 Oct 2021

Spider Knight VS Laser Pointer

Before I start animating the character I usually start with a boucing ball to get the overall timing and spacing. Thanks to Arran Baker for sharing this cool technique!

This animation took me about an hour to do

Here's the first blocking pass of my animation

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