Flash Gordon character WIP
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Flash Gordon character WIP

This is my character! Hope you like it!

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

I will show you in this update the high resolution mesh with all the details, ready for baking with the low poly mesh (see last update). The next renders showcase the face details as well as the arm and hand details.

The next renders show the finished clothes.

And some renders of the entire model.

Here are the maps of some parts of the model like the face, arm and clothes, as well as the maps of the shoes. I did not have time finally to implement them into the final render. I did not have time to implement the hair cards into the final model. I also didn't have time to make the final texture. Everything that I didn't do for the contest, I will finish in the future.

Displacement and normal map of the face and arm:

Normal maps of the clothes and shoes:

Hope you guys like it!

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

After a painful retopology, I am excited to show you the final low poly model.

It has a total of 32.117 polys. Now it is time for the final details and texture! Hope you guys like it!

I have been also trying out baking the different mech pieces in marmoset Toolbag and theresult is quite nice.

Here's a snapshot of how it looks on some parts of the model. 

Here are a few images of the wireframe

Now it is time for the final details!

Update - 13 Jul 2021

In this update I will show you the final result of the scifi suit. I have also worked a little on the retopology of some parts like the head and the arm, to give it the final details in Zbrush.

The next renders, are a general view of the model. (Front and back)

Here are some renders of the finished arm and a part of the torso.

Some renders of the retopologised face and low poly model of the eye (With High poly of the final suit).

Next up some renders of the feet and legs.

Here are some snapshots of how the topology looks like. Head and body


So this is it for the update, hope you guys like it!

Next update I will show you the model fully retopologized, ready for the final details!

Update - 9 Jul 2021

Hey guys! I have not been able to work a lot on the project this last week because of personal issues and I am excited to get back to working on this. 

I have done the shoes of the model. I've focused this time more on the general forms. Later on, I will do some straps around the model to give more detail. I'll leave here some renders of the low poly model, which I will later import into Zbrush for sculpting.

Here are some renders of the shoes placed under the legs of the character.

And here's a shot of the wireframe of the model.

For the next update, I will work on the rest of the hard surface modeling, such as the legs and hand.

Update - 29 Jun 2021

These days I've been working on the scifi suit modeling in Maya. I've done all the pannels in the model besides the legs and hand (that's what I'm going to post in the next update, alongside the shoes). The next images show a general view of the pannels of the torso and right arm.

The next images show the back pannels.

And here are a bunch of images of more concrete parts of the model like the neck, the arm and shoulders.

The suit is almost done, I just need to give it the finer details before baking with the low poly model (Which I will do once all the pannels are done). Onece the low poly is done, I will import the high poly mesh into zbrush to sculpt some micro details.

I also have to model some smaller pieces (to add some visual noise in parts of interest of the model) as well as the fingers, the palm of the hand and the legs.

Hope you like it!

Update - 25 Jun 2021

So these past couple of days, I've been working on the design of the sci fi suit. I had the idea, the other day, to make the suit that would be laying under the jacket. The parts of the suit that you see in the concept, I did not redesign, I kept loyal to the original idea. But the parts underneath the jacket, I did design them from scratch. Now The next step is to model every piece of the suit in Maya following the rough design I made.

Here are some more renders of the suit in Keyshot and it actually looks great! I'm excited to start modeling every piece of this sci fi suit!

I also made my first hair texture for this model, since I'm not going to keep the sculpted hair for the final piece. I made a hair texture in Substance Designer to make the hair cards in Maya. Now it's time to model the hair cards and position them correctly on the scalp of the model. This is how the maps of the texture look like:

Ambient Occlusion - Color - Normal - Opacity

To create these textures, I made a really simple hair generator in Substance Designer that looks like this:

The most important node is the "Scratches Generator" node.

By exposing some of the attributes of these three nodes (The output node doesn't have parameters you can tweak) you can get a node that generates hair strands. The previous image shows the generator. The next images show the exposed parameters and the actual node that you get out of the combination of the scratches generator and the warp with the noise texture. (Drag and drop the graph with the generator into a new graph to actually use it).

By playing with these parameters, you can generate whatever type of hair you want. I made different hair strands taking into account the length, the width, the direction and the curlyness of the hair, to create a nice breakup between hair cards. As you can see in the maps displayed above, the hair strands have each very different looks and are, therefore, going to be used in different ways. 

This is how the graph looks like:

I still need to see how they look like on the model. Once I do that, its likely that I make slight tweaks to the final texture to create the effect that I want.

Hope it turns out well, since this is the first time I do something like this...

Update - 22 Jun 2021

So today I finished the clothes design of the character. Here are some snapshots of the final pattern and final design inside Marvelous. I chose nylon as the main material for the coat and pants. 

And here are some renders of the final result.

The next thing to do to finish entirely the clothes of the character, is the retopology, UVs (both of these in MD) and projecting and detailing in zbrush (that's the workflow I'm following). But the next thing I will do before doing all the retopo off the clothes, is to work on the scifi design of the character.

Update - 20 Jun 2021

So today I continued working on the character's clothes. I made the jacket again, (since the one from last update didn't convince me at all) and started working on the pants. The only thing left to do for the clothes is the detailing in marvelous (little pannels).  Today's Marvelous Designer practice focused mainly on the general shape and type of fitting of the clothes. I also started working on internal sewing lines and made the design following the concept roughly.

Here is a snapshot of the sewing pattern I came up with.

And here are some renders to see how it will look.

Update - 18 Jun 2021

So in this update I worked a little bit on the jacket using Marvelous Designer. I am trying to make the puff effect on the jacket. It is still not done but it is teaching me how to do it since it is my second time doing Marvelous Designer. Here are some Snapshots.

Today I focused mainly on getting the model ready for marvelous designer. First, I had to make the upper part of the arms and gave me the idea of designing the body under the jacket for this real time model, but that I will do another day. But before that, my goal is to finish the jacket.

Update - 17 Jun 2021

So my first entry of the Flash Gordon Contest consists of the block out of one of the characters displayed in the pack of images. I chose to do the following concept art. 

So, in this stage, I started working on the simple forms that make up the character and came up with the following. These proportions are going to get slightly tweaked in the future to resemble to the concept as much as possible.

I also worked a little on the face of the character and made it similar to the concept, focusing not on the details but rather on the bigger masses that make up the face. 

Last but not least, I also started to replicate the scifi design of the suit.

On the next update I'll focus more on cloth and refining the suit. I will also leave some renders made in keyshot to see how it looks with lighting.

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