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3D Environment & Prop Art 2020-2021

3D Environment & Prop Art 2020-2021

Jasmin Habezai-Fekri
by curlscurly on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This entry showcases environments I created from 2020 to 2021. I love to bring colorful and stylized spaces to life, with a mix of PBR and hand-painted textures, rendered in Unreal.

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Bird House

Based on the wonderful concept by Arturo Serrano!

Modeled everything inside Blender, sculpted some of the props inside Zbrush and assembled it all inside Unreal. I created my own grass and landscape shaders to achieve a ghibli-esque style for everything while going for a PBR approach for the building and props.

The rock is sculpted inside Zbrush very roughly and works with a detail normal, that I made inside Substance Designer. A lot of shader magic sprinkled everywhere!

Stylized Landscape 

I wanted to create a landscape inside Unreal Engine 4, helping me to learn the Engine and implementing all the tech and shaders that would be needed to create a stylized environment.

My goal was to achieve a 2D/Ghibli-esque look to the grass and shading, meaning that the grass on the landscape is shadeless while the trees and rocks cast shadows. The rocks and flowers are reused from my Library Project.

For the landscape material, I created several layers, which gave me the possibility to paint in the shades of the grass and have 2 dirt variations, with the blending having a painterly look to it as well. Everything makes use of the Runtime Virtual Texturing material set up.

The lighting is very simple: a Skylight, one sunny directional light casting shadows and one cool directional light (no shadows casting) brightening up the shadows

Hippopura Sancuary

For my final Thesis Project at university from October to February 2021, I decided to create a Real-Time Unreal Engine 4 Environment, applying my knowledge about stylized PBR Game-Environments on a bigger scale. I had the absolute pleasure to work with Jourdan Tuffan's amazing Hippopura Concept!

Big thank you to him for agreeing to let me recreate it in 3D for my thesis.

I applied a lot of new and old techniques to this piece, which made this a great learning experience. I had roughly 2 months time for working on this, which meant I had to stick to a tight schedule.

I went for a mix of trim sheets and tiling textures, while also integrating unique modular pieces, which I was able to mix and match with the tiling textures. All assets and shaders seen in the environment are created by me.

Breakdowns of Props, Organic Assets and Modular Parts

Sunny Market Entrance

A personal PBR project with a touch of hand painting I've been working on in my free time. Based on the wonderful concept by Hyunsu Cha:

I wanted to create a very cozy summer atmosphere inspired by Ghibli films and Overwatch. I created a modular base set, which I used to build the main structure of the market. I also wanted to make use of my trim sheets as much as possible while also focusing on creating individual props for the market and the entrance. Modelled with Blender, Zbrush and rendered inside Marmoset.

Breakdown on 80.Lv:

Prop Callouts & Modularity Breakdowns

Old Forgotten Library

Little Diorama project I created with the given prompt "Apocalypse" to strengthen my PBR skills. I also wanted to practise concepting a small space with some hero props!

Modeled inside Blender, Sculpted High Poly in Zbrush, Textured with Substance Painter and rendered inside Marmoset.

Ruins are nowadays the embodiment of past human lives. I especially like the aesthetic of broken church windows or arches with the typical gothic architecture. I wanted to set my diorama in a time where humanity has gone extinct due to an environmental crisis. The diorama captures what it looks like years after, with parts of an old library located in a gothic church experiences nature slowly taking over, therefore being in the starting stages of that process over overgrownness.

Progress & Iterations

Prop Callouts

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